Medical devices for traumatology, orthopedics and cardiology

Dear friends! We are happy to welcome you to our website. The single purpose of this online resource is to provide informational supports and adequate variety of quality and affordable health care products. There are traumatology and orthopedic medical devices of the company «Double Engine Medical Co Ltd».

We have pleasure in informing you that our company supplies are up-to-date medical products straight from the source. We are happy to describe you how to find the best option of this product. We can assist you to solve problems that you set for yourself.

Manufacturer uses the most advanced technology and serves only high quality materials. These all combined with an affordable price and warranty. These are the constant components that make a difference between our products and other large number of unique supplies distributed on the Ukrainian market.

General management dates of our firm have invariably indicated our right choice of the producer as well as its competitive medical products. Annually more than 10,000 operations are carried out in Ukraine with the use of these products (an average of 25 operations daily). We cooperate with leading clinics and trauma surgeons of the highest qualifications.

Company “Double Engine Medical Co Ltd”, which medical products offers in Ukraine by the Group of Companies TM “Interlock-TT” has more than 6000 kinds of medical devices. In that assortment there are various purposes - from implants to surgical instruments. Our products are used to treat any type of injury: cranial, jaw, injuries of extremities, hip region, the spine, phalanges and for a child's trauma. This assortment of medical products proved its quality in practice and is certified. Dozens of thousands patients have an opportunity to recovered already and returned to an active lifestyle in a very short time. Costs of medical devices are available to the widest number of persons requiring medical care.

Our website optimized for widish range of users, not only from somebody who need medical assistance but also who is practicing traumatologist. Each and every one of you exactly can find here what is called for you - whether a particular medical device, operations technique or distributor’s contacts. Our distribution chain covers almost all regions of Ukraine.

We are always happy to help you with advice and suggestions. On our pages we will give you an opportunity for professional discussions as well. We do not conduct any wholesale or retail trade on the Internet site. But we give you information about high grade health products from the manufacturer «Double Engine Medical Co Ltd». We help you as well to find the right experienced doctor in your area in order to seek help. Or we'll suggest you contact our representatives who have used these health care products. If you are a consumer, professional or our representative - each of you will find useful information on our site. On every important question you will always get a qualified answer. Anyone will receive the assistance that he needs.


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