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We're happy to welcome our partners, colleagues and concerned persons in cooperation with TM "Interlock-TT" on this webpage! First off, we want to express profound gratitude for our partners and assistants for long-term friendly cooperation. We always achieve common goals together. Together we are creating the most powerful and most successful Ukrainian’s operator of the medical device market.

We greatly appreciate your commitment to success, industriousness, commitment, accountability, capacity to work, stamina, credibility, support for company strategy, trust in common goal, evolution seeking and readiness for the mutual aid!

Thanks to each member of our company TM "Interlock-TT" it is one of the fastest growing brands in its field. Thanks to the joint efforts, we gain the lead in the national category “Year’s Importer”. We've become known as the Ukrainians leading brand of health care products for traumatology and orthopedics. We promise to continue development in this direction. We’ll work on joint projects and achieve common prosperity and well-being.

This page of our website is dedicated partnership relations. We discuss lines of activity on the chat forum, organize and analyze joint forums. Those focus not only to improvement our professional skills, but also rallying our great and friendly team.

We're inviting all interested in the substantive partnership dialogue. If you want to become one of our team members - just call the central office. Let's introduce ourselves!

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