Company Profile

Throughout its existence from 2002 the group of companies TM "Interlock-TT" has come a long way from the beginning company on the medical devices market to the stable and rapidly growing partnership. Our activity has spread out almost the entire territory of Ukraine. Group of companies acting under a single brand, literally takes the leading position in the promotion of medical products for traumatology and orthopedics one of the most well-known manufacturers "Double Engine Medical Co Ltd". This company has a wide-area network of distribution branches. The main goal of the group "Interlock-TT" is to constantly expend the medical products assortment. Our credo is quantity and quality complex services that we are offer to trauma offices and clinics, as well as traumatologists.

The product assortment and total products sales significantly increased in the 2011-2014 time frames. Thanks to the development of regional offices and inward stock movement all over Ukraine, the group of companies "Interlock-TT» has increased its turnover more than 10 times in the last two years. This has enabled us to pay about 600 000 gr in taxes and dues to the government budget in the 2013. In Ukraine there are more than 10,000 operations executed with the use of medical products supplied by us annually. Since the start of 2014 there has been a significant increase of medical product assortment (the number of tools sets) and the level increase of implementation of medical devices, despite a rather difficult political and economic situation in the country. Our core principles and assets are high social responsibility and honesty in business, legality and transparency of all supplies to consumers.

Along with the highest quality of offered products, this has become a catalyst for the company's popularity growing among the specialists. This promotes to increase the demand for medical product and tools offered by the brand name "Interlock-TT".

Among our near future plans, you will be able to see an increase in assortment using the wide range of recent trends and territorial extension. Who ever want to get our medical purpose product in the most remote corners of our country, will be at liberty to get it. Everyone should be able to get the most qualified help and high quality medical products at acceptable prices, which will allow him to lead a full active and healthy lifestyle. Our ultimate aim is consumer’s satisfaction in a professional manner. The company "Interlock-TT" is not just a provider of health care products; it is your partner in the way to your vitality.

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