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If you are reading this, you need help. And the group of companies TM "Interlock-TT" is ready to provide it for you. We offer a wide variety of medical products for traumatology and orthopedics from leading manufacturers «Double Engine Medical Co Ltd». There are pro duets for adults and children (design-of-choice for pediatrics), from tiny screws to large fixing plates and rods, as well as medical instruments - all you need for traumatotherapy of varying severity, from severe cranio-cerebral injury to fractured limbs.

We do not sell anything on the site. Our activity is based on the direct deliveries of a necessary wide range of implants and instruments for the highest level of osteosynthesis. The basic aim of our web-site is to introduce you to the highest quality medical products, found in Ukraine. TM "Interlock-TT" products the brand combines low cost and advanced technology. Each customer receives immediate and quality medical care. Our distributions chain guarantees a high geographic availability of our products.

The company «Double Engine Medical Co Ltd», who is partners with Group of Companies TM "Interlock-TT" in Ukraine, produces an entire line of medical goods (exceed 6000 items). Our manufacturer uses up-to-date equipment for accomplish this. Not everybody European manufacturers can use such modern technical equipment yet. The manufacturer principally uses only the most high-tech medical titanium and its alloys in the production of goods. These materials conform to stringent international quality requirements. In the process of manufacturing of goods only the latest innovations in the area of traumatology are used. Therefore they provide a high reliability and excellence of implants and surgical instruments.

We are confident in the high quality of our products which is evident not only by the many international and Ukrainian certificates, but also an unprecedented level of manufacturer’s guarantees. The Group of companies TM "Interlock-TT" follows this tactic too jointly with our partner «Double Engine Medical Co Ltd». You can get a Certificate of guarantee for our products that are used for your operation. Of course, a prerequisite is needed to get a certificate in compliance the following rules of precaution and the doctor’s recommendations on the part of patient as well as abide by the rules of osteosynthesis surgery on the part of traumatologist.

Here you can have a look at our full line of products, familiarize yourself with programs of support patients. Remember that your health is in your hands, you should the best selection. And we, in turn, offer you only the best.

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